No Texting in Florida: The New Law

| August 27, 2013 | 0 Comments

More and more states are passing the law that texting is illegal while you are driving. Florida has just recently passed this law and is giving fines out to those who do not follow it themselves. The reason this law has come into effect in Florida is because it is simply unsafe to text while you are driving. Looking down at your phone while your eyes should be on the road is very unsafe and has been the cause of many major car accidents.

Even though this law may feel uncomfortable for many people who are used to texting while driving, it is important to see the many benefits of this new legality that can save many lives. Because texting while driving has been the cause of many deaths and major accidents, it is easy to see how this law will prevent issues from happening. People who are caught texting while driving will get hefty fines and tickets that could result in the loss of their license if they continue to get them. Most states are now making this a law and people are being prohibited from using their phones while they are driving, whether to talk to someone or just text a friend.

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